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A line of men having intercourse, connected by penis to ass. The conductor, or man in the back, controls the speed while the front controls the direction of the train. As one ejaculates, he will exit the train. May involve train sounds.
by TrainEngine November 17, 2011
208 243
A bunch of dipshits singing nonsense to the delight of half-wits everywhere. Along with LMFAO and The Black Eyed Peas, what's wrong with music right now. One of the few bands in the world forced to look up to Nickelback.
"I think it's great that they put bands with disabilities on the radio!"
"Those guys aren't disabled--they're Train and they blow."
by JRockizzle May 08, 2012
68 111
An object which is never on time.
If someone says the train is leaving in 5 minutes be prepared to board the trainin about half an hour.
by yourmuminmybednow February 08, 2011
121 171
New Jersey suburb code word for marijuana.
Lets go "play some trains" later eh?
by Caseyjk November 29, 2006
18 70
Fucking a girl 7 times in a row by diffrent guys.
A swarm of following NPCs in online games
A transportation vechile.
1:God I would love to train that girl
2:Hey lets train these super boss NPCs to the newbie areas and watch newbies die
3:Hey, lets go to airport by train
by Wizeman(not rly) June 23, 2006
240 417
take turns boneing the shit out of you
me and my dudes trained the shit out of that one hoe
by lilkelley1 December 29, 2007
158 345
When a high level or faster player attacks many monster to attain their aggression , direct them to another player (normally a lower feeble player) and log out. Log in and get the lewt taht the player drops.
omgz train, run away!.
by Dan Clow January 19, 2007
44 248