To completely destroyed someone. Generally, but not necessarily, in a videogame.

run train own pwn rape destroy
Dude, this scrub just lost by 23 kills! Train!
by Runnamuk August 20, 2008
The process of gathering up a bunch of your friends to gang bang somebody.
Man, that girl at Chili's has a fantastic ass. Let's run a train on her!
by stale January 04, 2003
one girl getting fucked by many men at one time
my ex cheated on my, he was one of the many dudes running a train on this chick
by Niceness April 01, 2006
To teach someone a lesson by either beating their ass or denying them something they want very much.
Usually the "training" is done to adjust someone's attitude about performing a certain activity and thus ceasing to do it.
"I trained his dumb ass by knocking his teeth in when he broke into my house."
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003

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