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Being so obsessed with keeping up with the latest retro or counter-culture fads and social pretensions that you lose your ability to think for yourself and suppress any originality you may have ever had. In the process of doing this you completely embarrass yourself but since you're so hip you don't care what lesser mortals think of you.
All those mindless hipsters wearing their lame Urban Outfitters uniforms and shopping for used vinyl records at thrift stores are tragically hip. Actually, they're just tragic.
by gummy bear whore November 06, 2007
urban poet rock band from kingston canada, known for great un-announced gigs in small clubs with no ticket charge or door fee.
The tragically hip rocked at the temple last nite
by The Dog Team December 01, 2005
One who has altered their body for the sake of fashion. Person with tattoos, body piercings, etc.
Emerging from the tattoo shop, the a young man shows off his fresh wound as he joins the ranks of the tragically hip.
by Robert Zavala June 05, 2005
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