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The by-product of either rush hour or a lane closing as a result of a car accident or construction. Mainstreets and highways become choked with cars that are literally bumper to bumper. Like a bad storm, usually the only way out of a traffic jam is sitting through it.

Car lines and lane shields make getting off an exit a daunting game of chicken. Road rage is also pretty common.
There was a huge traffic jam on I-93 when some idiots collided into each other, causing two lane closures. It was backed up all the way to Quincy.
by The Sub February 25, 2005
When you you take an orange parking cone, and ram it deep into a girl's pussy (small end first), making the walls of her cunt begin to rip and bleed. Then you put your asshole to the open side of it, and unleash a blast of diarrhea into it, filling it half way. After that, you take a piss into the stretched, diarrhea filled vagina, and stir it around with your dick till it is thoroughly mixed. If, at this point, you happen to have a spoon, you proceed to feed the girl the smelly Poo Stew you created.
That bitch wouldn't stop crying after I gave her a Traffic Jam.
by CreamyCummy July 04, 2011
Getting railed in the butt by 2+ men. (or women)
Sorry I was late for work, there was one hell of a traffic jam.
by TrollDeputy February 09, 2013
when you don't receive any of your texts because too many people are texting you at once causing a traffic jam in the phone lines. generally used as an excuse because nobody has texted you.
hey did bob text you? .. no theres a traffic jam going on
by fpf! December 05, 2010
A very popular drink mixing Red Bull and Vodka
I am going to have a bunch of Traffic Jams Friday night
by T-JAM August 05, 2009
When you're on your way to your first music gig when your car runs out of gas. So, you play your instrument(s) until help arrives.
Person 1: Dude your late, where have you been?

Person 2: My car ran out of gas. I was stuck on the freeway. But I did make a traffic jam.

Person 1: Ahh. Failing in style.
by ZCrackPack March 02, 2014
When the situation get's piled up. Two people deep in the back and one or more in the front. That's a jam! Causing everyone's engine to burn into overdrive.
Benny boning Ashkan Boning Marisa in the front.

"Oh my gawd man, my ass and my cock are aching from that Traffic Jam I was stuck in last night!"
by shagondragon June 27, 2013
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