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when someone throws or drops small change on the ground and they, or someone around them consiquently yells "JEW TRAP!"
Person 1- Hey, can i borrow five bucks?
Person 2- Sure, (looks in wallet, drops two pennies and a nickel)
Person 1- JEW TRAP!
*swarm of jews*
by udaddict April 05, 2009
This usually happens when a few friends are playfully bugging their buddy.

To take a joke too far, you should keep talking after you stopped being funny, or bring the persons mom into the conversation.
nick- nico, go get some friends.
jessica- you always drink all my stuff, smelly.
nico-you guys suck, haha.
drew- ha ha, yeah! nobody likes you! not even your mom! loser!
dan- too far, drew. too far.
by udaddict September 11, 2009
When you find your self in crawling traffic, so you whip out a ballin' mixed CD and dance in your car, and other people start dancing and singing along with you in their respective cars.
The other day, Melanie was in a massive traffic jam, so she threw on Bohemian Rhapsody cranked it, and started rocking out, when she opened her eyes after some sweet air guitar, she noticed that three people in cars around her were Traffic Jamming with her, it made her day.
by udaddict August 23, 2009
1) You can rely on them to tell you when you look stupid, or not.
2)The pee in your pants.
1) friend 1"hey man, you have lettuce in your hair, you look like a dumbass."
friend 2"wow thanks for telling me! why didn't anyone else tell me?"
friend 3" 'cause it's more fun that way."
2) Friends are like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it. Thanks for being the pee in my pants.
by udaddict August 23, 2009
To be incredibly awesome. noun and verb. Chuck Norris is the shit.
some people wear superman pyjamas. superman wears chuck norris pyjamas.
by udaddict June 06, 2009

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