A track star is commonly referred to as a really good runner. Mostly in the distance events. If you run anywhere from the mile and up and are condsidered top in your school, you are a "track star".
"What more could you ask for in a girl; she's hot AND a track star!"

by MPXC April 15, 2006
Someone who has received philatio from a girl while wearing a headband.
Thomas: "Josh told me that he got head last night when he was wearing a headband."

Wes: "Man, he's a track star!"
by Phil A. Cho September 24, 2010
A friend that when fisticuffs is about to occur is nowhere to been seen, due to them running their ass off.
Roger: Damn, when those Marines were going to fight us last night Dewayne was nowhere to be seen!

Rich: Dewayne is a known Trackstar!!
by Insurv Pimp December 31, 2008
a total badass track runner who totally owns any other person on earth. Anyone claiming to be a TrackStar is most probably a doush imitator unless he is totally albino and has freckles
Dude, that TrackStar kid is a beast! he tore up that short beaner...
by SASQUATCH73 February 19, 2009
1.The king of the track team.
2.The fastest person on the track team.
3.A quick beast that can beat anyone on the track team running backwards.
Sag:"Hey, the beast is back"
Sag:"Man....its the king of track"
Bob:"Ohhhh you mean the trackstar"
Sag:"Duh, you idiot"
by sag0627 April 14, 2007
1.someone who wears too much weave;
a female who has worn a weave for so long, even she doesn't know what her own real hair looks like;
2. a person who has been shooting drugs for many years
Ex. 1.(Tina)Damn! Betty keeps a fresh ponytail!
(Linda) Yeah, you know how them trackstars go.
Ex. 2. Leroy's makin' loot off them trackstars.
by MonayLove October 15, 2003
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