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Penis , also known as a ding ding dong
OOOOOO You touched my tra la la.
by Crash May 19, 2004
365 97
Slang for the male genetalia.
"Mmm, you touch my tralala, my ding ding dong". (From "Ding Dong Song" performed by Günther and the Sunshine Girls)
by asdfg_asdfg May 04, 2004
237 40
you touch it
you touch my tralala
by sean small May 05, 2004
182 68
Penis. But in a more subtle kind of way. Taken directly from the chorus of the song by Gunther (Ding Dong Song)
Gunther: Ooh, you touch my tra-la-la. Mmm, my ding-ding-dong
by }3ucky |{att November 23, 2004
46 8
1. a phrase of merriment
2. said when doing something and trying to make yourself seem innocent
3. used when there is nothing to say
1. "woohoo! I get to go to disneyland! tralala"
2. timmy: I'll just take that twinky off your hands... tralala
cinthia: ._.
3. julie: soo...
carl: tralala...
by 17ideas July 18, 2007
16 34
A song you sing when you are about to get some
Mary: Tra la la
Lucie: Oh snap, you is gon' go see Micha
Mary: MmHmm
Lucie: Psssshhh
Mary: Tra la la
by Leena July 12, 2004
28 81
phrase that is used by people who go on picnics, or like to make thier computers wear pink scaves; also used to identify those types of people
whoa he's a tra la la
by tweek December 19, 1999
20 108