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6 definitions by Leena

One of the most rad women in the universe due to her bootylicious bod and sultry voice, not to mention the twinkle in her eye and sexy smile. Despite the two e's, see pronunciation guide.
Damn, you look fine. You must be named Leena.
by Leena April 07, 2005
365 150
1. When someone cuts you off when you are speaking because you are taking too long to say something.
2. Being told to get to the point because you are speaking too slow.
3. Verbose speaking leads to being hurried up.
Hank was petered during his presentation because it took him 15 minutes to finish a sentence.
by Leena May 05, 2005
9 4
Chinese man trying to act spanish while talking like Snoop
"Yo man! 1 burrito 4 dolla izzle fo hizzle in the salsa! AT Pings Hut-izzle"
by Leena July 12, 2004
5 0
Ghetto guy trying to speak hacker while zipping up his pants after jacking off.
"Frankie is such a zipzor cause during RP he couldnt stop saying Yo and Homie G when refering to his RP mates."
by Leena July 12, 2004
4 2
A run of the mill family who like to live perfectly even though the dad is having an affiar and the mom is pregnant with the gardeners baby.
"Jill belongs to such a weeblow I swurr, I heard her daddy is havin an affiar. With my mommas cousins uncles sister."
by Leena July 12, 2004
5 11
A song you sing when you are about to get some
Mary: Tra la la
Lucie: Oh snap, you is gon' go see Micha
Mary: MmHmm
Lucie: Psssshhh
Mary: Tra la la
by Leena July 12, 2004
29 81