refering to the private parts of a small asian girl.
mostly the vagina.
wow look at that hot toybox over there.
by emmanuel blackburn October 08, 2006
Top Definition
an awesome band with wierd music
dude that song's wierd it must be toy box
by duckatorian October 13, 2008
Pretty amazing bubblegum pop group. Has fun little songs that are overdosed with sexual innuendos but makes it that much better. A lot of Anime fans enjoy their catchy songs.
Anime fangirl: Omg! Sailor Song perfectly fits akatsuki!

Me: Hell yeah! Tarzan and Jane totally reminds me of Haku and Zabuza!
Anime fangirl: Toybox rules!
by yaoifangal March 09, 2010
The zipper to your pants and the space behind it
John walked in with his toybox open and you could see his junk. Or you just noticed your zipper down and people looking and you say " ha my toybox is open!"
by mk2speed October 14, 2013
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