When some wide receiver, usually Terrell Owens (aka T.O.) scorches past the defense for a long gain and/or touchdown.
Terrell Owens: 70-yard TD catch

"Man, he just T Owned that defensive back."
by Donovan McNabb July 03, 2008
Top Definition
A bastardization of the concatenation of "told" and "owned"
Oh dang...you just got towned.
by Chicken October 18, 2004
Related to Owned. it's applied to people that uses cheats on counter strike: source servers.
Tower uses cheats. Tower has been banned from the server. he has been TOWNED.
by Soulkeeper March 20, 2007
Verb - getting owned by a tow truck.
"You better move your car before you get towned."

"That was uber townage."
by StonyBologna May 23, 2010
A hybridization of "towed" and "owned." Used in reference to a situation where your car gets towed away and you get slapped with a huge fine at the most inopportune time.
"Man, Eugene got totally towned by Smitty's Towing Services this morning."
by Karjoe Goldzik October 08, 2005
A bastardization of "totally" and "owned".
You didn't just get owned, you got TOWNED!
by Asmodi March 14, 2005
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