Noun; Slang term used by white american males to refer to an Arab living either abroad or domestically. The actual subject doesn't have to necessarily wear a religious towel to be referred to as a towel head.

Usually possess deep (and dangerous) beliefs regarding their religion and are emotionally unstable. Tend to be the perpetrators and take responsibility for tragic events that occur throughout the world. (i.e. any random New York car bombing, 9/11, subway bombing, miscellaneous suicide bombings, etc.)
Male: Honey, come check this out...another suicide bomber just killed a bunch of civilians in the UK.

Female: Did they say who did it ?

Male: Not yet, but probably some religious towel head.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
a word that offends my history teacher even doe he ain't from the ME
boy: what a towel head
by vanillapebblez March 24, 2013
noun: A indian arabic type person when you call customer service a towel head answers, you can't understand a word they try to say! A poor job of english excucuted by a sand nigger
I called about my credit card bill, a towel head answered, and tried to beat me out of my money instead of trying to resolve my problem.
by jabtizzy January 09, 2010
1.An actual of account of Muslims with towels on their heads. Esp. one that brags about inventing algebra but insists his wife wears a towel over her head. One that claims that his religion is not uncivilized as it is a perfect excuse to rationalize terrorism and abuse towards women and whoever deemed an infidel to "ALLAH". The towel over the head blinds his rationality as he follows a whole history of Towelheaditry.
2. A racist term towards Arabs.
That "TowelHead" said "if an american woman wore those clothes in the streets of Saudi- She would be raped before she was stoned by the women".
That "TowelHead" said it wasn't an actual towel, but it was Islamic Garb.
by Islam- To Submit December 31, 2004
1.A racial slur, used to refer to any nationality or ethnicity that the US might be attacking, or will attack soon, which is in the "Middle East." (See region between Yemen and Afghanistan-Pakistan)
Also refers to the group of people who preserved the contents of the ancient Greek library of Alexandria, preserved and improved upon the works of Pythagoras, Xenophon, invented the set of ideologies used for modern Western medicine, and also created the best and most efficent plumbing systems known to man.
2.Prhase, used to refer to these same people who, while the Europeans (who were stuck in the Dark Ages), and didn't even know the concept of "Zero," (due to the Catholic Church) continued a streak of intense learning and cultural progressivism that lasted several centuries longer than the European Renaissance.
3. Phrase meant for a people who had a plumbing system that put the Greek and Roman's pipes to shame. And they used it to make water fountains, baths (for taking showers and getting clean) and toilets, all without the use of a single pumping engine.
4. A phrase used by those who need to be told the truth, that without the intense mathematical research of the Towel Heads, concepts of calculus would never have been invented, and Marco Polo would never have gone to China (along a Towel Head trade route) to discover gun powder, which so many Americans like to say they'll use on said Towel Heads.
5. Phrase used to denounce people who bleed red, just like everyone else.
Damn, that Towel Head sure knows his Algebra... oh wait, that little sand nigger's people invented it!
When an ugly chick gives u oral pleasure and you put a towel over her head.
-Dude, Brittany gave me head.
-Sick dude.
-It's cool, it was towel head.
by Zap December 28, 2004
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