Towel Head- a person from or in the middle east-nasty none god fearing people who eat, sleep with, and bare child to goats, people who wership cults and believe in destruction of man kind,people who follow dictators bent on mass jenecide and the non proper treatment of weman and belive that they are only put on earth to reproduce, and think men are for pleasure, and will put you in jail for showing them the bottom of your feet, testical eating camel jokeys.
ahab the arab the sheik of the berning sand jumed on his camel rode over to the public toliet, dug a hole and took a big steamy one, stopped by his local diner and grab some goat testicals, went home sat down showed the bottom of his feet to his wife, left and gave some lovin to his brother muhamad.towel head.
by jiggalo with the most below June 28, 2008
Top Definition
A derogatory term for one of Middle Eastern descent, especially a male. It comes from their custom of wearing a turban.
"Some guy in a restaurant called my grandmom a towel head... We're all pretty upset about that."
by Peri Banu August 07, 2004
A offensive word used to describe a custom of someone of arab descent
Damn gon' towelheads are terrorists!
by V The Blood Rose November 01, 2003
A derisive name for someone of arab descent, from the turbans they wear.

If that towelhead goes on my flight, I'm gonna make the airline re-book me onto another flight!
by Piranha July 15, 2005
1. Derogatory term to refer to those of Middle-Eastern (or Indian, but I suspect only because most people would use "Towel Head" in everyday conversation couldn't tell the difference between the two to save their lives) origin, based on the religious custom of wearing a turban.

2. A missed oppurtunity to use the term "Dune Coon", which at least always makes me laugh.
1. That hick just called Rashid a Towel Head.

2. I knew Cletus was more retarded than the other hicks when he called Rashid a Towel Head, instead of a Dune Coon.
by Al October 12, 2003
someone that works at 711.
on airplane:If this fucking towelhead even thinks of getiing out of his seat i will fucking kill him.
by matt3 January 09, 2006
A Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
"I'm tired of all those damn Pittsburgh Towel Heads taking over our home stadium every year."
by notasociopath January 30, 2009
dem damn brown bastards dat blowed up dat there twin towers
dat damn towel head blew up cleatus!
by rocklobzsta February 21, 2011
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