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what someone would say after telling a joke or other humorous anecdote, and then getting deadpan looks and no verbal acknowledgement from the people listening.
"Yeah, so I heard Dave got a pet cat, oh well, probably the closest thing to pussy he'll ever have in his place, huh guys? hahaha!"

(silence and blank stares from everyone)

"Geez...! Tough crowd, man....tough crowd!!"
by hipster October 31, 2004
This was a Rodney Dangerfield line. He may or may not have coined it, but he made it uniquely his; he'd nervously adjust his tie while saying it.

A lot of his lines got into the wider lexicon, though younger people may not know who he was. He played the crazy ultra-rich guy in "Caddyshack".
"I told a cab driver to take me where the action was, and he took me to MY house!"

(No laughter)

(Nervously adjusts tie) "Oh, tough crowd, tough crowd..."
by Super Genius May 21, 2005
A short lived but hilarious series on Comedy Central featuring a panel of stand-up comedians discussing various current events. The show's full name was "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn".
Did you see 'Tough Crowd" last night?

Yeah, Nick Dipaolo was amazing
by Paul M. May 21, 2005
when you make a joke and think its funny but it turns out not funny and you are the only one left laughing.
Bill:And then i said "cock"! LOL
Bill:No one thinks that funny,its hilarious!
John:Oohhh tough crowd
by Davion Williams April 10, 2009
Tough crowd:
What the cannibal said when he went to an all you can eat buffet.
"Damn, I tried and arm and a leg and could hardly chew them.
Tough crowd."
by REAL AMERICAN May 21, 2005
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