sl. vagina, pussy
what a touchhole! Stan is acting like a touchhole.
by Sarca$tic Ba$tid May 11, 2003
(1) n - vagina/anus
(2) n - a slutty girl
(3) n - see asshole, douchbag, fag, jewbag
(1) that girl has one nasty fucking touch hole!
(2) that touch hole has slept with everybody on campus.
(3) don't be such a fucking touch hole!
by je adore dior March 09, 2003
1) a person who could care less about others, thinks he/she is the center of the universe and its okay for them to do somethin but when someone does the exact same thing to them, they start whinin like a bunch of little f--kin p---ies

2) in general, an extremely annoyin person who no one likes
Bob: Yo i couldnt study last nite
Jack: why the hell not
Bob: cause my roommate kept playin this dumb ass video game all nite
Jack: what a f--kin touchhole
by killshooter November 17, 2006
Another name for a cocksucker.
Your such a touchhole.
by wagon December 12, 2003
A term that refers to A sexy & Fit Human Being. Normally Associated with the people of the MALIK clan.
Can also be used to desrcibe the immense knowledge, Kindness and sense of righteousness of an individual.
Fishy Fridge: OH My God, He is a such touchhole
Sam: Yeah Babe, He is a Malik innit, thats why!
by Official MOxford Dictionary August 15, 2011
the vaginal opening on a woman
the touch hole is actually the deep pussy hole; also known as a tropical fruit to some
by STEEZIN December 20, 2006
synonymous for asshole, jerk, bastard, bitch
Stop being such a touch-hole!
by Collegegal18 March 05, 2015

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