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the craziest, sickest and best party school ever.. even though its cloudly like every day and freezing cold october-may...
f--k the princeton review rankin top party schools, they aint like us...
f--k that we in the capital of ny state
we gonna f--kin party harder and drink more than you can ever imagine...
Guy: Hmm, I wonder where's a good place to party.
Friend: Go to UAlbany, they are crazy there.
Guy: How crazy are they?
Friend: Dude, they pregame harder than most people party. The amount they drink to start off the night is more than what other people drink in a night.
by killshooter November 14, 2006
1) a person who could care less about others, thinks he/she is the center of the universe and its okay for them to do somethin but when someone does the exact same thing to them, they start whinin like a bunch of little f--kin p---ies

2) in general, an extremely annoyin person who no one likes
Bob: Yo i couldnt study last nite
Jack: why the hell not
Bob: cause my roommate kept playin this dumb ass video game all nite
Jack: what a f--kin touchhole
by killshooter November 17, 2006
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