the small hole in the breach of a black powder rifle or cannon used to ignite the charge.
by dave October 17, 2003
Top Definition
A dialect word from extreme western Massachusetts and upstate New York, prevalent mostly among those born between 1935 and 1955. Seems to defy definition, but having the same weight as such words as "asshole", "cocksucker", "motherfucker", perhaps even a bit more derogatory.
"Yewwww touchhole"
"This touchhole walked in and started fucking with me for no goddamn reason."
#asshole #new england #dialect #cunt #jerk
by Travis Hodgdon July 28, 2008
A tool, a knob, a jerk-off. More than a dork, but not quite a douchebag.
"Tom, stop being such a touch hole, Bellingham is right near Rhode Island and you know it."

"I just spent the whole day with that guy at the football game and the goddamn touch hole wouldn't stop talking about how good the Kansas City Chiefs were for even a minute."
by Mitch Kramer July 08, 2005
A regional insult used fairly commonly in parts of New England, including Maine, with a meaning similar to asshole. Touchhole, however, is more likely to be used in a light-hearted way and is also more acceptable in public places.
Hey, Touchhole, it's wicked irritating when you do that.

He thinks he's cunnin', but he's really just being a touchhole.
#touch hole #asshole #downeast #new england #wicked
by servechilled November 17, 2010
A somewhat cleaned up version of the word asshole.
That guy just cut me off, what a touchhole.
#asshole #asshat #touchole #jerk #butthole
by DeBeth May 26, 2009
Someone who is an asshole.
Dave was being such a touch-hole that i had to slap him.
#asshole #jackass #jerk #meanie #asswipe
by Orange Applesauce November 13, 2009
I don't know what it is exactly but it's a funny old school slang from B-Ville, NY
Wadya wan't ya touchhole
#b-ville #baldwinsville #cny #syracuse #the diner
by J. Teck December 14, 2005
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