The cool way of saying 'totally'.
Popular Girl 1: So are you going to my party!?
Popular Girl 2: Totes McGoats.
Popular Girl 1: Cool!
by goatsbyboats August 17, 2010
Top Definition
The only appropriate response for when someone asks you to do something ridiculously cool.
Jezabeth: "Want to start a sea monkey farm?"

Finbar: "Want to have role play sex? You can be Hermione and I'll be Ron."
by Pole Girl 134 May 30, 2010
Totally my goats. Or totally.

Farmer- "Who's goats are over there?"

Other Farmer- "Oh...those are totes my goats. Totes mcgoats!"
by Goat Farmers January 16, 2011
A terrifying beast located near Niagra Falls that scares people into recycling with the demonic powers.
You better recycle that or Totes McGoats will get you!
by B. Beale March 20, 2016
Used as a synonym for "Totally."

Also used to describe something that has the quality of being awesome; "totes" being one degree of awesome, and the full-on "totes mcgoats" being used to describe a level of supreme awesomeness.
"That sandwich was the totes."
"I agree, the totes mcgoats."

"Did he really just spend 5 minutes definings totes mcgoats?"
"Mcgoats, dude."
by dickshinairy February 16, 2010
A phrase blurted out when one person is in agreement with another person. It is usually replaces "I agree" or "That is a favorable statement that tickles me in a way that I enjoy" in a conversation. A user of this phrase is commonly blind drunk and likes everything at the time of the phrase usage, which leads to a overwhelming over use of the phrase in a small span of time. A bout of "Totes McGoats" usually ends with passing out cold or is impeded by vomit, disallowing the audible usage of the phrase or any other coherent words.
Subject A - "I love you man!"
Subject B - "Totes McGoats!"
Subject A - "But not in a gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that"
Subject B - *Inaudible response due to vomiting into a cowboy hat*
by Shaky Balls April 04, 2010
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