Another word for "totally"
-Are you going to that part tonight?

-Totes Magoats

by jeo0619 March 27, 2009
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this means totally in a state of being over excited and trying to act cool
Jason Segal: wanna get a sandwich with me?

Paul Rudd: (over excited) totally... TOTES MA GOATS!
by litwhiz107 April 06, 2009
a way to reinforce the meaning for the word totally.
Hey Man, you up for a night of unprotected sex and submissive binge drinking??

Dude! Totally! Totes MaGoats Man!!
by Cojani April 06, 2009
An expression of utmost agree-ance.

A fun way of saying 'yes'.
"Fiona is such a babe!"
"Totes ma goats, brother"

"Wanna go to the beach?"
"Totes ma goats."
by AppleSauce March 11, 2012
Noun. A thing Liz said before James Earl Jones did, making her totes magoats cooler than him.
Person 1: "Is ice cold actually cooler than being cool?"

Person 2: "Totes magoats!!!"

Person 1: *genuflects* "Your wisdom is absolute"
by JFKray December 17, 2013
I Totes Magoats Failed the math test today.
by (JK)^2 April 29, 2010

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