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I totes mcgoats failed my math test today.
by au2016 April 23, 2009
The only appropriate response for when someone asks you to do something ridiculously cool.
Jezabeth: "Want to start a sea monkey farm?"

Finbar: "Want to have role play sex? You can be Hermione and I'll be Ron."
by Pole Girl 134 May 30, 2010
The cool way of saying 'totally'.
Popular Girl 1: So are you going to my party!?
Popular Girl 2: Totes McGoats.
Popular Girl 1: Cool!
by goatsbyboats August 17, 2010
Totally my goats. Or totally.

Farmer- "Who's goats are over there?"

Other Farmer- "Oh...those are totes my goats. Totes mcgoats!"
by Goat Farmers January 16, 2011
Used as a synonym for "Totally."

Also used to describe something that has the quality of being awesome; "totes" being one degree of awesome, and the full-on "totes mcgoats" being used to describe a level of supreme awesomeness.
"That sandwich was the totes."
"I agree, the totes mcgoats."

"Did he really just spend 5 minutes definings totes mcgoats?"
"Mcgoats, dude."
by dickshinairy February 16, 2010
A phrase blurted out when one person is in agreement with another person. It is usually replaces "I agree" or "That is a favorable statement that tickles me in a way that I enjoy" in a conversation. A user of this phrase is commonly blind drunk and likes everything at the time of the phrase usage, which leads to a overwhelming over use of the phrase in a small span of time. A bout of "Totes McGoats" usually ends with passing out cold or is impeded by vomit, disallowing the audible usage of the phrase or any other coherent words.
Subject A - "I love you man!"
Subject B - "Totes McGoats!"
Subject A - "But not in a gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that"
Subject B - *Inaudible response due to vomiting into a cowboy hat*
by Shaky Balls April 04, 2010
1) a nick name in the movie i love you man... 2) does not mean totally
Hey whats up Totes Mcgoats
by BigG65 June 04, 2009