Guy sits on a couch with a girl facing backwords as he penetrates her. From there, another guy climbs on her shoulders and puts his cock in to her mouth. Another girl climbs on to his shoulders and recieves oral from him, she holds on to a suspended bar to give the totem pole stability.
Guy: Dude, we have a ton of people together! Lets do a totem pole!
Girl: You sure?
Guy: Yea! We gotta do this orgy the right way!
by LastExile November 06, 2008
to give it up the ass. anal.
kaylob totem poled kayla all through the night, she later told amanda propaganda about the happening.
by kayla magz chaff. December 18, 2007
The act of sitting down on someone who is already using the toilet in order to simultaneously poop in a single commode.
Dude, we're going to have to totem pole it if you want to poop right now, the burritos from last night have my ass glued to the seat...
by larryco June 30, 2016
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