A complete Jack arse
Hay James you "Toss Bag"
by Hooza_snoza June 19, 2003
Top Definition
being a wanker.. another word (of the countless already) for being a wanker/ dickhead
ted is acting like a tossbag
by Gerard January 02, 2005
Technically a used condom. Used for anyone who is less useful than the space they take up on this planet.
Damn it Jerry, you're such a Toss Bag.
by Trez135 October 31, 2005
fucker, fuckwit, twat
Nav is such a tossbag for not calling her!
by Kitty January 02, 2005
loosely used term for breasts. aka chest hams. two new words for breasts.
That girl over there has some sweet tossbags.

Her great tossbags help the fact that shes so ugly.
by Tossbaggers February 07, 2011
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