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The most overrated team in NHL history. Also proudly owns the nhl's worst logo and worst name. To their credit, they used to be good. A long long time ago in 1967, I believe, they managed to win their 13th and final cup. Now, they can't even make it to the cup finals. Will miss the playoffs this season thanks to lousy coaching, too much reliance on power play and of course just plain bad, underachieving players. The Leafs also happen to have the most terrible fans in the nhl. Somehow, those clowns still think the Leafs will make the playoffs even though they're almost totally eliminated. They also believe they'll win the cup... But no worries. Soon, Leafs fans will be able to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their last Stanley Cup. If you live in Toronto, do yourself a favor and root for any other team. The Ottawa Senators are a good pick. Or the Montreal Canadiens who actually have won a Stanley Cup during current fans' lifetimes.
If the Toronto Maple Leafs had won a few games against the Ottawa Senators this season, they'd be contenders for the playoffs. But what can I say? The Sens are a far superior team.
10/5/05 Ottawa 3 at Toronto 2 (shootout)
10/10/05 Toronto 5 at Ottawa 6 (shootout)
10/29/05 Ottawa 8 at Toronto 0
12/17/05 Toronto 2 at Ottawa 8
1/21/06 Toronto 0 at Ottawa 7
1/23/06 Toronto 3 at Ottawa 4
3/4/06 Ottawa 4 at Toronto 2
As you can see, the Maple Leafs suck and are absolutely not better than the Sens.
by Dr.Cain April 13, 2006
1) Toronto's NHL franchise.
3) A group of gritty, tough-as-nails men responsible for the anal penetration/spanking of 20 Ottawa Senators every year come playoff time.
Common usage in conversation:
"The sky is blue."
"Water is wet."
"The Maple Leafs smoked the Sens."
by Janko April 12, 2004
The most loved yet hated team in the NHL. Most haters are usually jealous of the popularity the leafs'and their fans have. (Just remember) that the leafs hold the second most stanley cups in the league. haters tend to IMMEDIATELY jump in with "no cups since '67", "they suck", "they're too old" or other immature, insightful and hilarious comments. HA!
There are a lot other teams who suck a lot more than the leafs, so why don't all you haters go waste your life and obsess over that? Oh right, it's because you're jealous of the LEAFS. No one hates "losers" that much. Get a life. GO LEAFS GO!!
by TuckerLover July 14, 2004
A team whose fan base has all the arrogance of the New York Yankees nation, loving a team that is quickly becoming a band of loveable losers (like the Chicago Cubs...). 1967 is a quickly fading memory. A fanbase that evidently has a high threshold for chronic mediocrity, given that they havent made the playoffs the past two seasons. All this from a city which has about as much soul as Des Moines. In Leafs fans minds...they would say they have a World Class hockey team. Most clear headed people know better.

Toronto Maple Leafs Nation..See Websters definition of "false bravado".

by Seamus McClannnnnnahan May 06, 2007
Three words ... Nineteen Sixty Seven

"The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won a cup since when?"
"Wow, that's a long time ago"
"No kidding"
by Hockey Fan October 12, 2005
NHL Franchise, loved within the GTA, disliked by the rest of Canada. Known best for clogging up Hockey night in Canada with bad games and consitantly losing to their thier long rivals the Senators.
"hey is the canucks game on"
"No its reagional coverage so the best we get to see is the Toronto Maple Leafs"
"god damn, i feel like i just got a sutherland"
by Jose Marti August 16, 2006
Storied NHL team that has won 13 Cups, but none since the NHL expanded beyond 6 teams.

I'm convinced they cannot possibly win more than 2 rounds of playoffs, even in a good year.
And the Toronto Maple Leafs have made the playoffs! Woo!

Oh no, Philly in the first round. Well, there's always next year. Go Blue Jays.
by DVDGuy September 10, 2008
The worst team to play in the NHL since the Phoenix Coyotes. They have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, haven't made the playoffs since 2004, and have won 2 games int he first 12 of the 2009-2010 season. Their name also contains a grammatial error, as it should be the maple Leaves.
Hey did you hear about those Toronto Maple Leafs

Ya they suck
by babinator November 08, 2009