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To pee in someones butt. Also known as the golden enema.
damn that was a bad night i think i got a sutherland.
by Keifer January 08, 2006
97 76
This guy is the coolest kid you could know. He's handsome, crazy, funny, amazing, adventurous, and defiantly someone you need to have in your life. You can spend countless hours with him and you will never be bored. He is a lovable creature at best. He will always be there for you and bring a light into your life that no one else can. He is simply just a keeper!
Girl: I love that kid!
Person: Who?
Girl: Sutherland of course!
by JSlice1 January 06, 2014
6 0
Sutherland County is a Land registration county of Scotland. Much of the population is based in seaward towns, such as Helmsdale and Lochinver, which until very recently made much of their living from the rich fishing of the waters around the British Isles.
I visited my friends in Sutherland the other day.
by O.J Griffiths September 07, 2013
4 0
Refering to a person who may enjoy gay activities such as felching or gay bondage , this can also mean a certain person who generally loves bum and willy up it .
by Count Beanz November 27, 2011
14 18
To smoke a bowl of herb that has kief (the pure crystals that fall off) sprinkled on/in it.
I just packed a Sutherland, wanna hit it?
by Debauch314 December 20, 2006
44 55
to get drunk and start a fight without any memory of the event.
shit son, i pulled a sutherland last night, i cant remember shit and im bleeding!
by msutherland February 07, 2010
23 36
'To sutherland' is to act in a strange fashion around objects or people. You can 'sutherland' by making up words or plainly by being random around this object/person. You can not 'sutherland' by yourself. If you do, then you will gain no respect and of course, there will be no one around to see you 'sutherland'.
Oh, hello Andrew, you are acting a bit sutherland today around those tea towels. Why are you saying all these crazy words like 'perlandins' and 'silindars'?
by Les Reed June 09, 2007
24 39