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A black dinosaur. It lived in modern day Compton, and consumed mainly fried chickensaurus, and colt 45.
Dino got mugged by a niggersaurus. Go figure.
by Bob Landry March 15, 2005
A name for an Italian guy, or a name that guys named Antonio like to be called for short.
Guy: Hey Antonio!

Antonio: That's not my name, my name's Nino, dammit!
by Bob Landry January 13, 2005
Half a pint of beer mixed with half a pint of CLR. Gives you an awesome buzz, and in right quantities, can cause hallucogenic effects.
I drank a Plumber's Cocktail once. And then I killed a bus driver!
by Bob Landry January 01, 2005
A team of whining pansies who suck the green fungus out of Bryan McCabe's cunt in the dressing room while probing one another's assholes with the butt ends of their sticks. All their tiny pricks are erect and when the extacy of defecating in each other's mouths becomes too much, they all blow their loads on over the coach's face. They then have to have a naked mud wrestling match and the winner of that match gets to lick all of the cum off of the coach's face and spit it all over his teammate's genitals.
The Toronto Maple leafs are quite the bunch.
by bob landry February 10, 2006
Unbeknownst to most, Christopher Reeve was the leader of NAMBLA. He was subsequently on the receiving end of two CIA death plots, the second of which was a success.

In 1995 the CIA sent covert agents into the woods nearby a barn where Reeve was riding a horse. The agents turned on a jet engine aimed ever so carefully and the resulting gust of wind violently threw Reeve off of his horse. The attempt failed when Reeve lived through this "accident"

Then, in November 2004, with the help of Mossad, two agents snuck into Reeve's home and ever so quietly unplugged his respiratory system which caused Superman to pass away.
Christopher Reeve was the brunt of a CIA/Mossad assassination.
by bob landry February 10, 2006
Gasoline, served in a garbage bag. Causes brain damage, but with Eskimos, it's not like ya'd notice.
Let's go down to the Esso, eh? Grab us some Iced tea.
by Bob Landry January 08, 2005
Dis stufff datt you buy at da HawrdWear Storr, guy! It's the shit! Tastes good, and when you mix it with beer, it be kalled a plumber's cocktail.
Arthur Fels drinks plumber's Cocktails.
by Bob Landry January 02, 2005

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