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1) Toronto's NHL franchise.
3) A group of gritty, tough-as-nails men responsible for the anal penetration/spanking of 20 Ottawa Senators every year come playoff time.
Common usage in conversation:
"The sky is blue."
"Water is wet."
"The Maple Leafs smoked the Sens."
by Janko April 12, 2004
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A team whose fan base has all the arrogance of the New York Yankees nation, loving a team that is quickly becoming a band of loveable losers (like the Chicago Cubs...). 1967 is a quickly fading memory. A fanbase that evidently has a high threshold for chronic mediocrity, given that they havent made the playoffs the past two seasons. All this from a city which has about as much soul as Des Moines. In Leafs fans minds...they would say they have a World Class hockey team. Most clear headed people know better.

Toronto Maple Leafs Nation..See Websters definition of "false bravado".

by Seamus McClannnnnnahan May 06, 2007
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One of the original 6 NHL hockey teams with a strong fan base in Toronto and the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. The most Stanley Cup wins of the NHL next to the Montreal Canadiens who have more then double the Leafs total.

The Leafs last Stanely Cup win was in 1967.

The Leafs are to the NHL what the NewYork Yankess are to MLB considering dollar value, howeve the performance is a different story.

Leafs fans fall into 2 categories:

The first representing the much smaller group of the 2 being those that are extremely devoted and loyal to their "local team" and stay by them regardless of performance, even if they are in a 43 year (and counting) slump. God bless those true blue fans.

The 2nd group of devoted fans are the retards who honestly believe that for some reason the leafs have a reason and desire to win a game. They can commonly be identified by shouting "This is the year! This is the year"

These are the fans who have paid no attention to any other team in the league and for this reason have never made the comparison between the Leafs and a team consisting of real hockey players too see the difference.

The Leafs have the worst 3rd period performance of any team in the NHL. The reason for that being is lack of heart, grit, will and balls.

The leafs exist only as a franchise and buiseness, not as a hockey team. Evedince for this is on CBC during every broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada.
"hey, do you like the Toronto Maple Leafs? They are our local team! I like them. This is the year, there gonna go all the way.

I also like shiny objects with twirly bits that spin... hey, I have a pet spider. His name is Tucker, cause I like Marcy Tucker, he is a good hocky player... "
by 123jerk May 08, 2010
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Storied NHL team that has won 13 Cups, but none since the NHL expanded beyond 6 teams.

I'm convinced they cannot possibly win more than 2 rounds of playoffs, even in a good year.
And the Toronto Maple Leafs have made the playoffs! Woo!

Oh no, Philly in the first round. Well, there's always next year. Go Blue Jays.
by DVDGuy September 10, 2008
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The most loved yet hated team in the NHL. Most haters are usually jealous of the popularity the leafs'and their fans have. (Just remember) that the leafs hold the second most stanley cups in the league. haters tend to IMMEDIATELY jump in with "no cups since '67", "they suck", "they're too old" or other immature, insightful and hilarious comments. HA!
There are a lot other teams who suck a lot more than the leafs, so why don't all you haters go waste your life and obsess over that? Oh right, it's because you're jealous of the LEAFS. No one hates "losers" that much. Get a life. GO LEAFS GO!!
by TuckerLover July 14, 2004
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"The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won a cup since when?"
"Wow, that's a long time ago"
"No kidding"
by Hockey Fan October 12, 2005
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NHL Franchise, loved within the GTA, disliked by the rest of Canada. Known best for clogging up Hockey night in Canada with bad games and consitantly losing to their thier long rivals the Senators.
"hey is the canucks game on"
"No its reagional coverage so the best we get to see is the Toronto Maple Leafs"
"god damn, i feel like i just got a sutherland"
by Jose Marti August 16, 2006
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