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a girl who overreacts to everything, and whenever she's around stuff gets wrecked. she also can be very annoying and bitchy
girl: i hate you so much!
guy: stop being such a tornado bitch
by kiki the firefighter number 2 March 21, 2014
(n.) one who posts on a web forum multiple times in a row, for the sake of seeing their own posts or increasing their post count
Poster A: Hey everyone. I think the Needler is the worst weapon in Halo.

Poster A: Definately the worst weapon.

Poster A: Doesn't even compate to the gravity hammer.

Poster A: It's not even a contest.

Poster A: Bump.

Poster A: The Needler is just so useless. Anyone cool doesn't use it.

Poster B: GG, tornadobitch!
by Kriptini October 19, 2009
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