a sexual move, typically performed while facing each other, where the couple rolls over as a unit while maintaining insertion. not to be confused with the alligator fuckhouse, which involves biting as well.
Dude, it was so kinky, we did the tornado across her entire bedroom floor!
by Terridactyl August 22, 2009
A sudden and inexplicable increase in customers, causing massive amounts of damage and devastation. Then, just as strangely as it appears, the whole thing blows over and the place is empty and now wrecked.
"We've just had a bit of a tornado in here, Boss."
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
A woman that is very large on top and slowly but surely gets skinner towards her feet.
Yo did you see that tornado in the leopard dress last night?
by Wigglesdotcom August 10, 2012
To storm along, in a fit of anger, damaging, destroying, kicking or slamming around anything one could get his/her hands or feet on.
After breaking up, I tornadoed through the house, leaving a mess in my path.
by Honker January 11, 2007
A girl that is known to blow a destructive path through Frat Row or nearby apartments.
Dude the tornado just blew through those 3 houses and took out the basketball team!
by Fullerton Frats October 06, 2006
an illegal form of live pornographic theatre characterized by a lone female masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse with a man or several men at once.
Wow. did you see that girl's tornado last night?
by Kellzen January 09, 2009
A sexual practice involving a sturdy lazy susan or other freely rotating platform. A female (or male, if you're into that) kneels, preferably naked, on the lazy susan, tongue out. A male with pants down facing the female stands aside the kneeling girl and gets her spinning by gently spinning her by the shoulders. As she passes by, the female may lick or lap at the erect penis. The faster the male spins the female, the more pleasurable the experience.

For additional fun, additional males can join in the circle...and this is NOT gay and as long as the males don't make eye contact with eachother.
Sorry about last night...I didn't mean to keep "slapping" you in the cheek as we were practicing the tornado.
by w4w May 11, 2006
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