Bad Ass wind thing... F'ks up houses, trees, trailer parks. makes cows fly, Helen Hunt make out with men and drives women wild when the tounge creates the cyclone motion in the safety of the cellar if u catch my drift :P
OMG that tornado just f'kd up Johnnys house... its a Bad Ass wind thing
by Gibbons29 September 05, 2011
a tornado is when you are eating a girl out and pretty much spaz out with your tongue and lips.
Your mom was given a tornado by your dad while you were downstairs watching Adult Swim, thinking your parents were sleeping.
A very powerful stormlike substance.
A turning wind that picks up objects along its way; with no concern for what gets in its way!
Mother Nature!!
powerful wind brought on the tornado that tore up the whole damm town!
Cows were caught in this tornado!
Tornados are very unexpected!
Life unexpected!

So much writing
so much def.
by T Gomez July 22, 2006
A scary thing that gets rid of mobile home parks
Man that tornado flatten that eyesore
by jade101b October 13, 2014
1. An burst of anger towards objects in the room, leaving clothes, books, chairs, etc. overturned and wrecked, similar to the effects of a
REAL tornado. Often occurs after breaking up.
2. A knock-off of the dairy queen blizzard.
1. Whoa. Jen had a tornado in here...
2. This 'tornado' isn't as good as a blizzard.
by eatyourownhead June 05, 2005
The act of spin tabling a girl so high up that you can pass her on to your bro during a threesome or orgy.
Tom and I tornado'd my GF during our funtime last night!
by RWtub May 11, 2014
When someone has a wedgie that spirals, or twists.
A wedige that simply looks like a tornado.
"haha wow look at that guys tornado!"
"thats so embarrassing!"
by laceyheartstornado May 10, 2011

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