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A report made famous in Office Space. One must remember to put a cover sheet on all TPS reports as per the latest memo.
Ummm...yeah....i'm going to need you to go ahead and put cover sheets on all your TPS reports.
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
A term used to describe any Punjabi who wears a turban.

Term is meant to describe the action of pulling the turban in a manner similar to starting a lawnmower.
If another pull start moves to Brampton, i'm outta here!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
As in "The Best". Famous line from a Seinfeld episode where Mel Torme tells Kramer that he thinks his life is "The Tops".
Well, guys, I think that's the tops!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
Stands for "Make 'Em Take A Loss", which is the philosophy that anything done can be done better by using all materials provided to you by a commercial enterprise.

Examples include using all towels in a hotel, even though you don't need them, taking both hot AND mild sauce when at Taco Bell, even if you have no intention of using them, using the automated handi-door activation so that you don't expend energy opening doors and, the best one, leaving your hotel lights and TV on at all times so that the room is ready to go when you come back.

If it doesn't cost you more, you should METAL to balance out the equation. It costs them a little bit more, and gives you a better deal than the next guy.
Remember to METAL the bar by taking 4 packs of matches, even though you don't smoke!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
An airline with a stewardess hotness factor of 83.3333%, based on a sample of 2 flights.

All are Halifax girls, and would be bangable by all.
Dude, I can't wait to fly canjet sometime soon!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006
A number of frends were discussing how MILF (mom i'd like to f*ck) is now too popular to use in a crowded place, as the MILF in question would probably understand what you were saying. These same individuals were taken to saying MILF YSSUP (which is to say MILF PUS*Y).

FILM was substituted instead of MILF, and STRIP was added for obvious effect (and because it sounds like YSSUP).
Hey guys, check out that FILM STRIP sitting on the chair by the window!
by Skeeve January 31, 2006

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