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when you climb to the top of the dividers between stalls in a bathroom put a leg on each side and try to aim ur shit into the toilet
He missed from the top ropes and got shit everywhere.
by top ropes May 09, 2008
4 2
Brain dead .. stupid move .. wish ya never did.
Fuck man ... I can't believe I rooted that fugly biatch .. I must have came right of the top rope ...
by Wayne lewis February 07, 2005
2 3
going top rope comes from wrestling - it means completely demolish or eradicate with vigor -
Dude1: Did you see Red get in a fight at Shelby's last night?
Dude2: If you can call it a fight, I guess I did. He went fucking top rope on that twat waffle.


After a marathon 8 hour Wedding Prep class to satisfy the Catholics, Steve went top rope on a 6 pack to regain his testicles.
by yo soy el pato June 12, 2010
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