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A man who likes giving anal intercourse to other men rather than receiving.
I really DON'T like taking huge cocks up my ass since I'm a top, but I'll shove my cock into a receptive hole when offered.
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
1131 541
Specific friends on Myspace displayed on thier profile that may include as their top 8-40
Hey man, why am I not on your top?
by laughalot789 June 24, 2007
17 25
achronym for Toung On Penis, or Toung On Pussy.
Yo that chick gives some good top. Dipset bitch!
by MCSD June 10, 2005
35 43
The gay guy who does not take it in the anus, but does the anus.
The guy who is less girly is considered to be a top.
by PrettyPussy September 21, 2009
15 24
a homosexual male who acts straighter than even straight guys do. fucks little bottoms and then never talks to them EVER again. leaving them heartbroken and bewildered by life. only to randomly text them six months later or leave a voicemail saying HEY BABAYY I WANT TO FUCK YOU AGAIN! oh, and more than 90% of the time these persons are in the US military.
There are only two types of guys in the world. The total tops, and the REAL FUCKING MEN!!!
by bitchdracula666 December 26, 2008
31 40
The act of replying to a particular old topic on an internet message board in order to place it at the top of the list of topics for that particular message board.
They topped several of Andyman's topics in Outside Discussions.
by johnleemk March 18, 2005
5 14
To be the best; to be the highest quality of something.
I'm top man, ya gemme!
That bre's a top neek!
You think your top innit?
by 2Shabby September 29, 2004
33 42
(verb) To have one's breasts fondled.
"I've been topped before now"
by The Atomic Phreak November 07, 2003
32 42