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boobs. the female equivalent of testicles, except with a different purpose and higher.
Michael: Check out the blonde, nice set of top bollocks.
by mark May 16, 2003
Used as another name for a females breasts
"she has lovly top bollocks"
by Xod August 01, 2005
Tits, basically
Nice top-bollocks, Jordan
by Simon Baby Fat Head February 12, 2004
something, or someone that is the best in their company or position
shopper: i'm not satisfied with this service, where's the top bollocks at?
assistant: sorry sir, the manager is in his office, i'll go and get him

drinker: what a good beer this is, it is really the top bollocks
barman: thanks a lot, hope you enjoy it
by andrewm88 October 05, 2006