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the act of corn holing your girl friend. then leaving unshowered back home. squirt some hersheys syrup on your frank to mask the smell an get a blowjob from your wife.
my dam wife wanted me to clean the garage so i ended up tootsie rolling her ass.
by redwood boner January 30, 2012
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Getting high by eating a pill of ecstasy after failing to successfully go colon rollin' (getting high by using a pill of ecstasy as a suppository).
She was way too fucked up to successfully shove that pill in her ass, but she wanted to get high badly enough to go tootsie rolling.
by ababyinablender July 07, 2009
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Leaving a large group of your female friends, to go to another room and talk for prolonged periods of time with a boyfriend or guy you are interested in.

See cupcaking (for males).
Julie stays tootsie rolling with that new guy, Gary. It was supposed to be girl's night out...he is pretty cute though.
by Threfty March 07, 2010
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