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the act of rubbing toothpaste on your nipples in order to get high
John: hey man wanna smoke some weed?

Tim: nah I got a better idea, have you ever tried toothpasting??

John: no dude wtf is that

Tim: it's fucknig awesome
by MightySheep May 08, 2012
20 3
when you put toothpaste on your nipples and it makes you high

also known as "pasting"
john and i were toothpasting when my parents weren't home and he almost passed out
by nightlifecommando May 06, 2012
9 3
Toothpasting or just pasting is the act of rubbing toothpaste on the nipples to get high. The chemical that causes the high is still unknown.
Harry spent most of today Toothpasting.
by Global43443 May 06, 2012
5 1
It is expected that the small quantities of fluorides put into toothpaste can fluoridate the fatty acids present in almost all mammalian nipples, causing minute quantities of hydrofluoric acid to be released into the bloodstream. Normally HF is very toxic and bad for bones since it displaces calcium, but it is well established that low levels of HF over extended periods has proven to suppress nerve activity - hence the danger of HF acid burns since they are initially painless. This nerve suppression is believed to affect the brain, even in low concentrations, to produce a mild euphoria.
1. Mary and I went toothpasting down at Paco's house last night, that shit was nuts!

2. Toothpasting will fuck yo shit up!
by yourBro May 06, 2012
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Rubbing toothpaste on one's nipples to get high
Have you been toothpasting?

Dude, I'm so pasted right now
by Ramerez May 12, 2012
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The act of applying toothpaste containing TiO2 (titanium dioxide) to the nipples or genitals, for a unique "high" effect. Causes severe spacial distortion, loss of balance, hallucinations, etc.
"hey, ever tried toothpasting?"
"dude, me and mike tried pasting last night, it blew my mind"
by Paul2600 May 08, 2012
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The act of rubbing your nipples with toothpaste to get high.
Toothpasting is cheaper than smoking weed.
by Lord Lolland May 08, 2012
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