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the act of rubbing toothpaste on your nipples in order to get high
John: hey man wanna smoke some weed?

Tim: nah I got a better idea, have you ever tried toothpasting??

John: no dude wtf is that

Tim: it's fucknig awesome
by MightySheep May 08, 2012
when you put toothpaste on your nipples and it makes you high

also known as "pasting"
john and i were toothpasting when my parents weren't home and he almost passed out
by nightlifecommando May 06, 2012
Toothpasting is a fad similar to huffing paint - a poorfag's way of getting high. It involves increasing the permeability of the skin on your nipples (either by rubbing them with an abrasive, or alcohol, a paint thinner, or nail polish remover), and then covering your nipples in toothpaste. A chemical from the toothpaste then absorbs through your skin and enters the bloodstream, getting you high.

It also works if taken as an anal suppository, but a tingly minty ass isn't as fun as tingly nipples.
Dude, I finally found a good way of getting into Sarah's shirt - I just told her I'd help her try toothpasting. I just rubbed her tits with mouthwash and then ten minutes of Colgate later we were zoning out.
by JimmyJohnBobo May 08, 2012
Toothpasting or just pasting is the act of rubbing toothpaste on the nipples to get high. The chemical that causes the high is still unknown.
Harry spent most of today Toothpasting.
by Global43443 May 06, 2012
v. - The act of spreading toothpaste on your nipples to achieve a high. Toothpaste contains a chemical similar to opium, which enters the bloodstream through the thin skin of the areola, and stimulates your nerve cells to release Dopamine. This gives you a high similar to Marijuana, but stronger.
Dude, I got so ripped toothpasting last night.

My friends and I are going to go toothpasting, you wanna come?
by Asbrodean May 06, 2012
The act of applying toothpaste containing TiO2 (titanium dioxide) to the nipples or genitals, for a unique "high" effect. Causes severe spacial distortion, loss of balance, hallucinations, etc.
"hey, ever tried toothpasting?"
"dude, me and mike tried pasting last night, it blew my mind"
by Paul2600 May 08, 2012
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