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Where guys with popped collars and aviator sunglasses store their drinks. Often found at Frat parties.
"Dude, that guy is such a douche-bag!"
"I know, but he's got a well stocked tooler..."
by PoliSci88 April 01, 2009
someone who is extremely aggravating or a pre teen!!!
wats that tooler doing?
by katotool April 16, 2007
A tooler is what you call a tool who uses the word tool
Hey look at that tool! his long nike socks arent even real ones like mine!

Wow dude your a tooler...
by wehttam16 October 19, 2010
A hey guys prick who likes to bum The Beastbut takes care over his appearance, as he would really like some.
The Beast - 'Yo Tooler, you have no friends, lets bum'
Tooler - 'Nice one beast.'
(Sounds of buggery)
The Beast - 'That was crap. You're crap'
Tooler - 'Thanks beast'
The Beast - 'Suck my dick Tooler'
Tooler - 'Ok'
by the beast February 25, 2004
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