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1: A way to get somebody your annoyed at to stop talking.
2: A way to let somebody know that they ain't got no pancake mix left, and should probably go to the store.
Protester: Abortion is muder!
You: You ain't got no pancake mix!
Protester: .....?
by wehttam16 February 01, 2011
When somthing is bad but not that bad.
That movie sucked!
Well it was cleaner than a mexicans armpit so it wasnt a total waste of time.
Yeah i guess.
by wehttam16 October 19, 2010
A tooler is what you call a tool who uses the word tool
Hey look at that tool! his long nike socks arent even real ones like mine!

Wow dude your a tooler...
by wehttam16 October 19, 2010
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