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1) The show within a show on "Home Improvement" starring Tim Allen.

2) What Tim Allen experienced in the prison shower during his three year sentence.
"It's tool time!" said Tim Taylor on the cold open of Home Improvement.

"It's tool time!" said the 280 pound tattooed inmate to Tim Allen in the shower when he dropped the soap.
by teambuildingexercise99 January 19, 2010
pl. (N)- the social gathering of awkward people who lack the mental capacity to understand that they being used as an instrument to please one that is higher in a social standard.
During lunch one can see the tool time lunch table doing another person's homework.
by checktard-freytag October 21, 2011
1. one who appears to be hard and too cool for the rest when in reality most people in the group hate him.
2. time upon which the tool enters the room

syn: douchebag, outkast
"there's tool time tagging along with sarah again."
"look here's here... it's TT"
by Drainer June 21, 2005
Tool time is a sex act where you're fucking a girl in the ass and as you're about to cum, you ask her if she wants to know what time it is. Regardless of her answer, you respond with "Tool Time!" and hit her in the back of the head with a monkey wrench as hard as you can.

Named after Tim Allen's show "Home Improvement", where he hosts a show named "Tool Time".
John is crazy. I heard that he had tool time with a hooker last night.
by Jonahko March 07, 2013
When one has an urge to pleasure oneself through the means of manual stimulation i.e. wanking.
"Aw yas, the burd's oot the hoose and ma internet's working's tool time!" "Here, a cannay wait till that film wae the Olsen twins are on tonight - tool time!"

by Chisel June 14, 2008
a superlative of tool; one who exudes the qualities of a tool; one who's such a tool that they themselves exceed the standard definition of tool and redefines it.
Gary is such a noob he's a total tooltime.
by A Ros March 05, 2007
A time that occurs when a group of toolies get together for a time of mentally retarded celebration.
Guess what!!! Eet ees tool time with Ash-hole & Megarrhea!!! YAY! YAY!
by AshleyLauren November 28, 2005
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