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The worst made-up swear of all time.
More horrible than all the swears and curses combined. Only used as a noun.
"You stupid froogenheimer, you burnt my toast."
by Drainer April 16, 2003
1. one who appears to be hard and too cool for the rest when in reality most people in the group hate him.
2. time upon which the tool enters the room

syn: douchebag, outkast
"there's tool time tagging along with sarah again."
"look here's here... it's TT"
by Drainer June 21, 2005
a waste of life. a spinner is commonly depicted as a short, fat, annoying person w/ no friends.

syn: piece of shit, butterball, tool
"i hate him he's such a spinner."
"stop touching me you spinner"
by Drainer June 21, 2005
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