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The same as teeth. Just the lil' kid way of saying it. ;D
Chicken1- Hey dude, what's up?
Chicken2- My toofies hurt.. =*(
by Expired_ April 24, 2005
25 6
as annoying brother missing part of his front tooth...he tripped over a trailer hitch
belongs at bittersweet farm
i was over at jamies when toofy appeared and we shot him...with a fake gun of course ;-)
by i love the toof May 02, 2004
15 14
A person that is so cool and awesome and that can get the ladies :O
Wow man, you're a toofy!
by pwnt'd? January 11, 2005
18 20
something meaning the same as diddo, or "same here"
Brett: I got five on it.

Nick: Toofies
2 6
1. One who is gone
2. One of whom there is no more
<i>Toofy gone. No more toofy.</i>
by anonymous June 24, 2003
2 21