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To mess something up, to break it beyond reasonable repair
That guy just tooefed his engine by using the wrong fuel.

I just tooefed my relationship with my girlfriend because I started stalking her pregnant sister
by mdfirefighter August 13, 2009

To screw up, break, or destroy something. Usually relating to a stupid reason. A fuck-up or major blunder.

"tooefed," or "tooef'd," pronounced toof'd
I just tooefed my job and got fired by stalking the boss's pregnant daughter. Now I just cryfap in the corner of my basement apartment all day.

I tooefed my computer by dropping it off of my balcony.

I tooefed my car by pulling out into oncoming traffic without looking! ohnoes.
by teh dub August 13, 2009
Destroying something as a result of foolish upgrades or misguided repairs, typically automotive related.
He tooefed his engine when he sprayed lighter fluid in the airbox.
by Oldpoopie May 28, 2010