to ride a bike about in a casual and fun way
the gang of us went for a toodle
by the Tuesday Toodlers July 10, 2008
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A shortened Anglicized version of the French phrase à tout à l'heure which means goodbye.
Sean: So I'll see you tomorrow then!
Jane: Sure thing. Toodles!
by learnedcivilperson February 22, 2010
By far the most masculine form of the English from of 'goodbye'. It comes from the French saying "à tout à l'heure" which sounded like 'Toodle-oo', which was further shortened to 'Toodles'. Used by pro-wrestlers, gangsters, and warlords alike, Toodles is an effective word of parting between men of high stature. Uncultured swines often mistake this word for one of an effeminate, dainty vernacular. These imbeciles are idiotic and probably have bad teeth.

Optionally paired with another word of similar rhyme or cadence such as:
-(for Toodle-loo) Pumpkin-Poo
Brad: Alright, see you later man.
Tom: Toodles, Poodle.
Brad: Wow, I'm in utter awe of your brutish masculinity.

*Tom proceeds to conquer Russia while simultaneously making love to the entire cast of Gossip Girl*
by Radical Jack February 22, 2013
To say goodbye to someone, as a short term for toodle-pip.
Have a good weekend Sally, toodle.
by Andy Williams September 20, 2003
The French word for goodbye, popularized after being used by Kanye West
Sophie refused to make him breakfast, so he told her toodlé
by B!G S3aNN December 05, 2013
noun. an extremely queer way of seeing someone off. often used by such "characters" as george michaels, elton john, and James Donahue.
James: "Toodles, i'm going to shower while listening to "The Best Gf WHAM!" and "Mandy Moore's Greatest Hits!"
by sweet d September 17, 2006
a cute way of saying poop. usually when small cute fluffy dogs poop. or if you don't want to say shit.
did you take fifi out?

no why?

i think she has to toodle.
by julinjean January 19, 2011

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