definition for a vagina. mostly used in very rural areas
'After all that rough sex last night my toodle is really sore."
by Jasia April 24, 2008
"Well, it's a-run here mama! Just look at little sis'
Got her hand in her toodle, way up to her wrist"

--I Can Tell By The Way You Smell (Walter Davis)
by Dr ODomo May 24, 2009
a very annoying way of saying goodbye. People who say this, and 'toodle-pip' are probably being perverse and should be treated with caution.
A: I wish you'd stop being such a dipshit and piss off!
B: ok, toodle!
A: And don't say 'toodle' you stupid arse. *hits B*
by Flaze April 18, 2007
A cross between a Terrier and a Poodle.
"My dog's mother was a Poodle, and his father a Terrier, so that makes him a "Toodle."
by Kalani November 28, 2003
expulson of gas; fart
Chris toodled, and it smells!
by Meredith January 04, 2004
A the penis
i put my toodle in the girls ear
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
a penis, silly
i have a small toodle

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