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to toodle pip a dear friend, means to say goodbye in a very friendly way.
toodle pip me ol' deeer!!
by yolande June 24, 2004
414 39
A British colloquialism used when saying goodbye that is preferable to "ta ta" or other more Americanized forms of farewell.
Mimsy said, "Toodle Pip," to her dead grandmother as Mimsy exited the drawing room wearing a large smile and her grandmother's pearls.
by Ike&Tina December 15, 2009
89 31
Another way of saying goodbye.
"toodlepip john"
by Mattie_B March 26, 2009
10 1
A way of saying farwell, good-bye or good night. also serves as a friendly way of dismissing someone.
"Ill see you tonight?" "forsure! toodlepip." "Bye"
"I was going to ask you.." "cant talk way to busy, toodlepip!"
by RAACKS January 22, 2012
5 1
you have a very cute toodle pip there, as in a baby.
are is that your newborn toodle pip?
by yolande June 24, 2004
28 354