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A British colloquialism used when saying goodbye that is preferable to "ta ta" or other more Americanized forms of farewell.
Mimsy said, "Toodle Pip," to her dead grandmother as Mimsy exited the drawing room wearing a large smile and her grandmother's pearls.
by Ike&Tina December 15, 2009
1. the world-view of an indivdual who only sees things in more of less absolute terms from his or her own perspective without taking objective indications to the contrary into consideration; 2. somenoe with a unilateral perspective centered only upon him or herself; 3. an affliction on co-depdendent wannabees who will never experience real happiness based upon their complete inability to empathize and share with others.
Laurie's husband is a textbook example of narcissism. He could watch a three hour movie about himself and think the main character (i.e. him) is a total asshole without ever realizing that the movie was about him.
by Ike&Tina July 13, 2010
When a male repeatedly dunks his scrotum (i.e., nut sack, junk, etc.) into the mouth of another male (i.e., gay or frat brother) or female (i.e., passed out or hooker) for humor or sexual pleasure or both.
Whenever one of my frat brothers passes out, we take turns tea bagging him. Even though everyone knows this will happen, we pass out anyway. Go figure.
by Ike&Tina October 20, 2009
The act of one person shoving a spoon up the other person's arse. This is preferable to a similar practice called forking.
Uncle Pete was only in prison one day before he had a good spooning.
by Ike&Tina October 20, 2009
Originally used to describe the practice of smoking heroine or opium, the term now includes other forms of inhalation of controlled and uncontrolled substances such as marajuana a/k/a mary jane or weed, crack or coke
Shane and I were chasing the dragon all night.
by Ike&Tina December 31, 2009
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