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6 definitions by yolande

to toodle pip a dear friend, means to say goodbye in a very friendly way.
toodle pip me ol' deeer!!
by yolande June 24, 2004
411 39
face looks like a terrible hurricane/ struck by lightening or electricuted.
just generally your a right ugly beast
rite darlin' uv gota face like thunda
by yolande June 24, 2004
7 6
some one who has an extreamly large head for ones body usually belonging to a man who has a normal sized head but a really scrawny body cos dont go 2 the gym.
otherwise known as a ballon head, fat head....ugerley
look over there that person has a bloaty head
by yolande June 24, 2004
7 9
a spray of liquid substance.
when one squibs some perfume onto themselves
by yolande June 24, 2004
1 7
to release gas out your backside produced by good bacteria that live in your intestines
one more bruff and the doors closed!!!
by yolande June 24, 2004
2 167
you have a very cute toodle pip there, as in a baby.
are is that your newborn toodle pip?
by yolande June 24, 2004
28 354