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the spanish word for people that are dumb, retarded,
este nino es moy tonto
by Bryan Prado February 09, 2005
226 125
a spanish word used to describe something or someone dumb or stupid
Brooke and Suzie like to call Alyssa tonto because she says stupid things.
by alyssabrookesuziemolly April 30, 2007
96 47
Tonto was the sidekick of the Lone Ranger in the old westerns.
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are walking in a meadow when Tonto gets off of his horse, leans down and puts his head to the ground. When he comes back up he says, "Whoa....many buffalo come." and the Lone Ranger asks, "How do you know?" Tonto replies, "Ear soaking wet."
by E Newt November 23, 2006
73 49
When someone completely loses the plot and goes mental at you for no reason. The word can be used in both funny and serious situations.

Teachers, partners and mothers are most likely to be described as going "tonto".
Person 1: "You coming out tonight?"
Person 2: "Sorry can't my mum's gone absolutely tonto for no reason and she's lost the plot."
by littlefish March 02, 2014
2 1
Abbreviated slang for Toronto.
Are you going to downtown Tonto this evening?
by Brands May 05, 2010
29 36
When you blow the smoke out of a bong through the top. You blow through the stalk.
Fucking TONTO
by B-bong and stoned-steadily October 23, 2003
24 110