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A small liberal arts residential campus located in Mt Vernon, IA. Known for operating with the One-Course-at-a-Time schedule, where, oddly enough, one only takes one class at a time.

Our squirrels have personality.
Our food sucks. (Or- the Sodexo food service sucks)
Our mascot is the Ram.
All Greek groups are unique to the school.
We were founded BEFORE Cornell University, bitches.
"So where do you go to school?"
"Cornell College, in Iowa."
"OH! In Ithica?"
by Cornell T. Moose November 01, 2010
A small college always confused with larger and more prestigious Cornell University. Founded solely to confuse people.
Hey, check this out, I think I can get into Cornell College. Wait, why is there also a Cornell University... crap!
by DanielBr March 16, 2009
Set on a wooded hilltop overlooking scenic Mount Vernon, Iowa, Cornell College is a private, four-year liberal arts college. "Cornell College... lowering mens standards since 1853"
wow i like world of warcarft and dont have a life, i should go to cornell college
by warhorse2533 December 09, 2008
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