claton regan from newburg wi is tons of fun because he eats 665.09897 lbs of 67 year old fetal turkey vaginas each year
clayton weighs a ton and is really funny
Top Definition
A person that is overweight or higher than normal percetange of fat in the body. It varies with the weight of the person.
Jeremy is kinda chubby... he's tons of fun!

John can't even fit in the elevator man, he's like 4 tons of fun.
by Cako August 12, 2005
an all round fat git but is still considered canny enough to hang around with
"go get tons'o'fun hes got a 20 bag!"
by Tons0fun August 06, 2005
Mike Klymasz's pet name from his boyfriend
Gimme a little loving tons of fun.
From your loving boyfriend, Frank Gandolf
by Waldo June 21, 2003
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