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a place in Leicestershire, also the name of a particularly clumsy and dense but likeable cheese factory worker - the term 'Tonge', since 1987, became a way of calling someone an ass or a fool, but in a warm and friendly way...
ah u stupid tonge...
by djTonge October 06, 2004
the male sexual organ, but can be used as a derrogatory form of abuse against someone
you're a fucking tonge
by tristan halewood April 17, 2004
When you go to a club and you are souber then you leave then come back after a period of time highly intoxicated.
TOM- Where's Geth
(Hour Later)
BEN- Ow, Geths back he's leathered
TOM- Hes pulled 'ell of a Tonge.
by tom dave rees November 01, 2008
A Rock Band from Brighton uk. 1970-1975
I went to see Tonge at Sussex University in 1972
by BarneyBass June 13, 2015
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