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the nickname for somewhat-saccharine celebrity coulple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; an example of the new fad for naming couples (e.g. "Bennifer")
Did you see Tomkat on Oprah?
by Fishtoes May 25, 2005
Another stupid conjoined word for a famous Hollyweird couple. It is the combination of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes. Also, when Katy Holmes became visibly pregnant, her belly and the fetus within it were known collectively as the TomKat Bump.

The term originated in the gossip rags.
Did you see TomKat where all the other Hollywood freaks hang out? I wonder when the TomKat Bump will be born?
by Teh Knowing 2 Mucho July 05, 2006
The very current couple otherwise known as Tom Cruise and (formerly) Katie Holmes. These two were in the spotlight for most of '05, during which they met, became a couple, and got engaged. They are now expecting "TomKittens", and will be married either in the summer or fall of '06.
TomKat were recently visiting Kate's parents, but left 3 days early due to some issues between Tom and Kate's father.
by blogger_08 January 15, 2006
A punk that acts like a stray cat. Undomesticated and uncombed.
Damn, check out that tom kat in the disco ball leather..over by the gutter!
by Baugus November 29, 2012
A gay mens theater in the heart of West Hollywood, typically a trolling ground for anal and/or oral sex between two men.
Sean went to the Tom Kat to work the glory hole for a few hours.
by Bruce Bumlicker September 02, 2008
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